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What has happened?-treason has happened. or what is almost as bad, treason has been proposed; and to me, the most faithful of subjects, the trustiest of duennas. Yes, my children, the black teen twinks cavaliers have dared to tamper with me, that I should persuade you to fly with them to Cordova, and become their wives. Here the excellent old woman covered her face with her hands, and gave way to a violent burst of grief and indignation. The three beautiful princesses turned pale and red, pale and red, and black teen twinks, and looked down, and cast shy looks at each other, but said nothing. Meantime, the old woman sat rocking backward and forward in violent agitation, and now and then breaking out into exclamations, That ever I should live to be so insulted!-I, the most faithful of servants. At length, the eldest princess, who had most spirit and always took the lead, approached her, and laying her hand upon her shoulder, Well, mother, said she, supposing we were willing to fly with these Christian cavaliers-is such a thing possible. The black teen twinks old woman paused suddenly in her grief, and looking up, Possible, echoed she; to be sure, it is possible.
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